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Of all art forms, ballet has the power to truly move. Rooted in tradition, yet dynamic by nature, it is poetry in constant motion. Forty years after the Goh Ballet Academy first opened its doors, we have found a kindred spirit and new home in Oakridge. A vibrant cultural hub that unites heritage with progress.

Goh Ballet Oakridge is Relocating! (Within Oakridge Centre)

It is with great anticipation and excitement that we announce Goh Ballet Oakridge is relocating to a newly renovated space at Oakridge Centre, opening September 2020. We look forward to providing students and the community with full and comprehensive training programs in this location from summer of this year.

While the redevelopment is ongoing, our next phase will house three spacious studios with all the professional attributes you’ve come to expect from Goh Ballet. Annual programs and drop-in classes for all ages will commence again in September 2020.

Goh Ballet looks to make significant contributions to the way people express, view, and enjoy art on a day-to-day bases. The long-term plan for Goh Ballet at Oakridge includes integrating enriching activities throughout the project, with everything from regular ballet performances in the park, to collaborations with musical performers, seasonal workshops, drop-in classes and exhibitions.

Stay tuned for more information in the months to come and thank you for your interest.

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*Please note: placement in these programs is at the discretion of Goh Ballet Faculty after audition and evaluation is completed. No audition or evaluation process is needed for any Adult Drop-in Class.

Thank you for your interest in Goh Ballet.


Showcase Performances

Throughout the school year at festivals, competitions, special events, educational outreach shows, the annual holiday production of The Nutcracker, as well as the annual showcase, we offer the chance to perform to an appreciative audience which provides students with the experience and charisma that will assist them in furthering their aspirations for future career goals and to cultivate their appreciation for the arts. This tremendous sense of achievement and confidence building is invaluable to a student’s development.

“One of the most respected ballet schools in Canada… Ballet companies all over the world can boast Goh trained dancers in their number”

Luke Rittner – Former Chief Executive, Royal Academy of Dance

“Our arms start from the back because they were once wings.”

Martha Graham – Dancer, Choreographer, Legend

“Inspired dance is not the result of physical exercise alone; truly great dance requires the care and dedication of the whole person. Ballet transcends individuals, shaping the creative culture and imaginative vision of our society.”

Chan Hon Goh, Director

“Goh Ballet breathes new life into Nutcracker”

Globe and Mail

“The Nutcracker is a gift that can keep on giving year after year”

The Province

The Academy is extremely proud to acknowledge the achievements of our students at international competitions and the visibility of our graduates who fill the ranks of world renowned companies.